Having cancelled our festival for two subsequent years, we are striving to make the 2022 festival a roaring success that is as safe as possible for all. We will be following all UK government guidelines in place at the time of the festival, which may be subject to change between now and then, but for our latest safety plans please see our Covid-19 policy section.


What happens if there is a lockdown and the festival is cancelled?

Based on the current government management strategies, we do not anticipate that there will be a lockdown in summer 2022, particularly not with the continued vaccination roll-out. If, however, there is a lockdown then we will naturally follow all government guidelines and cancel or postpone the event. We strongly recommend, and have made available, insurance for your ticket to cover you in the event of cancellation. Tickets are non-refundable but will be reimbursed via an appropriate insurance policy in the event of cancellation. If we elect to postpone the event, tickets will be carried forward and honoured for the new festival dates but will remain non-refundable. For our previous two postponements, we offered refunds in full because nobody could anticipate this type of event; now however, Covid-19 has become part of everyday life, including festivals and it is essential that we all take steps to mitigate these challenges.

I’ve tested positive and have to isolate. Will my ticket be refundable?

Unfortunately, not. We do ask that you follow all government isolation rules and do not attend the festival, but we sadly cannot offer a refund. Tickets are transferable, so you can offer them to someone else, and we strongly advise that you opt for insurance for your ticket in case you have to miss the event.

I've started to feel unwell and/or I have tested positive while at the festival. What should I do?

Unfortunately, for the safety of others, we do ask that those with Covid leave the festival site immediately and follow all government isolation guidelines. Please notify a steward on your way out, wearing a mask and socially distancing. Proof of a negative test will be suitable for re-entry for what remains of the festival. We appreciate your consideration in this matter.


I want to take advantage of the Early Bird Price. When will this be running until?

We have allocated 500 early bird tickets before they revert to full price. When they are gone, they are gone. Early bird tickets went on sale on 3 January and we anticipate that it will last 6-8 weeks, so we do recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

Do you sell day tickets?

Sometimes. Day tickets went on sale with our super earlybird tickets for those who don’t mind which bands they see, but can only come on one specific day. They will be taken off sale once the day-by-day line-up is published, simply because we are a small festival site with a limited attendee license, and we cannot risk high attendance on one day and low on all the rest. It is therefore essential that the majority of our festival-goers attend on weekend passes, and we have priced the festival to be affordable on this basis. If you are hoping to see a particular band, we recommend purchasing a weekend pass now at the early bird price of just £45 for an adult ticket, to avoid disappointment. If, and only if there is capacity available, day tickets will be back on sale 14 days before the festival and at the door, but please check to see if we are sold out before attending.

Are Dogs Allowed?

first  Yes, within reason and we will be placing a restriction on how many are allowed on the site in total.

To bring your dog, they will need to be friendly, used to being around lots of other people, and behave appropriately with other dogs, adults, and children. They will need to be kept on a lead at all times, and you must also clear up all waste promptly and properly. Ultimately, you will be responsible for the health and wellbeing of your dog, and for the safety of the people around you, but we ask that you take into consideration the loud music, the weather (particularly if it is hot), and the safety of those around you.

No dogs can be left in vehicles, caravans or motorhomes at any time, and no dog can be left unattended in any area of the festival site. We reserve the right to ask you to remove the dog from the site if we feel it is a risk to the public, or is becoming distressed.

Doggy tickets are limited in number due to the nature of the venue being a working farm. Dogs should really only attend if it’s the only option available to the owner.
These tickets will be allocated on a first come first serve basis until capacity has been reached

Ticket holders will be informed by email if they have been successful with their application from 30th April 2022.

There will be a maximum of one dog per paying adult, or two dogs per booking.

Your existing festival tickets will remain non-refundable, regardless of whether you are allocated a doggy ticket.

Once the allocation has been finalised and customers informed if there are customers that decide not to take up an offer any remaining doggy passes will be offered to customers in order of original request.
Dogs will only be permitted to the venue once the dogs owner has signed a legal waiver accepting full responsibility for any action, issue or injury resulting from their pet and APP-FEST accepts no liability responsibility for any injury damage or action resulting from a customers dog.

There will be a maximum of one dog per paying adult, or two dogs per booking.

Your existing festival tickets will remain non-refundable, regardless of whether you are allocated a doggy ticket.

at time is a day ticket valid for?

 Day ticket is valid for the daytime performances and then we expect you to be offsite by the end of the day. Roughly, this will equate to 11am in the morning to 23.30 in the evening, although this will be advised in full closer to the festival when the line-up has been finalised. This system will be policed using coloured wristbands and our security team reserves the right to escort daytime attendees offsite in line with your ticket purchase.

I am due a refund from a previous festival but haven’t received it. What can I do?

Anyone requiring a refund was asked to contact us before 31st October 2021, after which point no more refunds are available for previous festivals. All those who requested a refund have now been issued to you, so please check your bank account against the details that you provided. If you still believe that your refund has been missed, please email [email protected] with details of your tickets, when and how your refund was requested, and anything else that we may find useful to know. Thank you.

I am under 18. Can I buy a teen ticket myself?

No. Your teen ticket purchase will need to be made using an adult ticket account, and the adult purchasing your ticket will take full responsibility for that purchase.

I don’t have a printer to print my e-tickets. What can I do?

You can show us your ticket on a smartphone and we recommend bringing your reference numbers with you in case we need to look your tickets up.

Do i have to buy a ticket for my child?

Yes, children 3 and over will need to purchase a child’s ticket. Please see ticketing page for prices

how many minors am i allowed to supervise?

We ask that there is one paying adult per child under 9, to ensure on site health and safety. For children aged between 9 and 15, a maximum of two per paying adult is requested.

Can I buy tickets on the day?

In theory, yes, but only if we have tickets available. We have deliberately made our festival quite small to allow an intimate feel without crowding. This means we have very strict numbers for our license, and it is highly likely that it will be a sell-out as it is every year. If there are tickets left, they will be available on the day, but there is no guarantee of availability and they will be a slightly higher price too. We recommend purchasing a ticket at the early bird price to give you the flexibility to come and go as you please, without the full ticket price.

I can’t attend the whole weekend, but would still like to camp. Can I purchase day tickets for the right days then camp in between?

Unfortunately, no. For reasons of health and safety, we can’t manage individual arrivals and departures on the campsite for one night only. We have however tried to make the full weekend price very affordable for four days of music and camping. We advise that you buy a weekend pass, then we can allocate you a camping pitch on site, and you can turn up at a time and day to suit you for example missing the Thursday, or leaving early on the Sunday.

Day tickets are reserved for daytime attendance only and we will require you to be offsite by the end of the day. If you choose to buy day tickets for multiple days, you will be expected to stay overnight elsewhere, before returning in the morning.

I can’t attend the whole day. Do you do a half day ticket?

No, we don’t. We have one of the most affordable tickets in the county with some brilliant acts for not a lot of money, particularly if you grab an early bird bargain. You will need to have a full day pass, although you can turn up as and when you please.

I bought my tickets early but am no longer able to attend. Can I get a refund?

We have a no refund policy to help us manage numbers and support our festival. Please see the terms and conditions page for full details. We also recommend opting for insurance when booking your ticket to avoid disappointment, so please look at your insurance policy if you did opt to take it out.

I bought tickets to a previous festival that was cancelled. Are they still valid?

When we postponed the 2020 and 2021 Festivals we gave people two options: to have a refund, or to carry forward your tickets. Assuming you didn’t opt for a refund, yes, your tickets are still valid and will be reissued to you for the 2022 festival by the end of March 2022.

I bought tickets for last year’s festival which was three days, but now the festival is four. Can I attend all four days?

Yes. As a big thank you to all our supporters who carried forward their tickets, you’ll get to enjoy all four days for the price of your original ticket. When we issue your 2022 festival passes, it will include all four days should you choose to attend.

I bought a family ticket for a postponed festival but my children are now older. Is the ticket still valid, or do I need to upgrade them to adults?

Family tickets bought for previous years are guaranteed up to 17 years old. If the child is now 18 plus they would have to upgrade to an adult pass. We only expect you to pay the difference not a full ticket price.

Camping & Vehicles


If you have purchased a camping ticket you must bring your own tent. we do not offer tents to hire.




Unfortunately, there isn’t space for parking or drop-off next to your tent. You will need to park in the carpark and walk to your pitch with your belongings.

Will you provide trolleys to move my stuff?

Unfortunately, no. We did trial trolleys, but too many disappeared for this to be a viable option for us. We recommend using a rucksack, wheelie case or bringing your own trolley, not forgetting that parts of the site might get muddy.

How far is the camping from the main festival site?

The exact location, layout, and distances will be available in due course, however the general answer is “not far”. We are a small festival with a limited number of tickets, located on a lovely rural farm site. We will site the camping far enough away to be quiet enough to sleep, but close enough that you aren’t walking miles. There will also be a drop-off point closer to the camping and festival sites for those with mobility needs.

How far are the camping pitches from the parking?

The exact location, layout, and distances will be available in due course, however the general answer is “not far”. We are a small festival with a limited number of tickets, located on a lovely rural farm site. The camping pitches will be located within easy walking of the parking and there will be drop-off options for those with additional mobility needs. Cars will not be permitted in the actual camping area due to Health and Safety.

What facilities are available in the camping area?

As we are based on a rural farm and not on a converted campsite, the facilities are limited to those we can install ourselves. There will be toilets, showers, lighting, running water, bins, and security, but no individual electricity points for motorhomes. Please make sure you plan for this before attending the festival.

Do you have pitches for motorhomes / caravans?

Yes, we have some motorhome pitches available on site, but please note this is a farm location and not a campsite so there are not electricity points available. Due to the site suitability, these pitches are limited, so we advise booking early to secure a space for your motorhome. Please note, awnings and motorhome extensions are permitted if they fit in the 8m x 5m pitch size.

Can I pre-book my pitch?

Logistically, this is almost impossible to manage, so we will allocate pitches on a first-come, first-serve basis, apart from those people who have notified us of particular access needs. Camping will be done in two main areas: a Motorhome, caravan and live in vehicle area and a tented area. 

Can I have a motorhome / caravan awning?

Yes, awnings are acceptable as long as they fit in the 8mx5m pitch sizes and firelanes are kept empty at all times

Is the parking fee a daily charge or a charge for the whole festival?

We charge a £10 flat fee per vehicle for the festival. This is the same whether you come for one day or four days.

Can I bring food & drink to the campsite?

You can bring a reasonable amount of food & drink onsite into the camping area only, appropriate to the number of people on your booking. Please be sensible as the campsite has no electric facilities and you will not be able to plug in a mini fridge, so any food should be non-refrigerated. Please do not bring excess food onto the campsite as it may be confiscated. With regards to alcohol drinks, we ask that you bring no more than a reasonable amount per person over 18 which we consider to be 3 units per day per person i.e., 12 units for the four-day festival.

Please note, glass bottles, glass containers and any form of glass will not be permitted on site at any time.

Can I bring a BBQ?

No. As this is a working farm, and to comply with our fire safety risk assessment, BBQs (disposable or otherwise), fire pits, candles, and any item with a naked flame are not permitted onsite.


The dealing, sharing or personal use of illegal drugs and substances is not permitted in any way, on site at any time. We also do not permit the use or possession of legal highs as a safety precaution for our festival goers. Drug enforcement laws are as applicable on site as anywhere else in the country. Security searches will be in place in order to stop any illegal drugs entering the site and security will be patrolling the festival site.

What time does the campsite open on Thursday?

Camping will open from midday on Thursday, and the music will start at 5pm.

The Festival: Line-Up & Site

What days are the different acts playing?

This information will be available on our website in due course. We are currently working with our different acts and their managers to create a timetable that suits everyone. Please note, while there are day tickets on sale at the moment, these will be removed once the details of the line-up go live and will only be available again two weeks before the festival, if there are any tickets left. This is because we are a small festival site with a limited attendee license, and we cannot risk high attendance on one day and low on all the rest. It is therefore essential that the majority of our festival-goers attend on weekend passes, and we have priced the festival to be affordable on this basis. If you are hoping to see a particular band, we recommend purchasing a weekend pass now at the early bird price of just £45 for an adult ticket, to avoid disappointment.

What time are the different acts playing?

While we will provide a rough guide to the running order and schedule for the acts, this can be subject to change on the day and of course natural variation as things overrun, or if there are issues with the weather or technical performances. On Thursday, the music starts from 17.00pm and continues throughout the weekend. Typically, the headliner finishes on the main stage around 11pm each day.

Can I take drinks into the arena?

While we do allow some alcohol and food in the campsite, it is not permitted to take food or drink from the campsite into the arena. Exceptions are an empty water bottle for filling within the arena, or a sealed water bottle with an original shop-bought seal.

Can I take food into the arena?

No. We will have a great array of food stalls available on site, catering to lots of tastes and preferences. We ask that no food is brought with you into the arena. The only exception to this rule is for those with severe dietary needs which cannot be managed on site. If you believe that you have severe dietary needs, then please email us and we will grant special permission if appropriate. A full list of our food vans will be available on the website at a later date.

Aside from the music, what will be on-site for kids?

We’re a family-friendly festival, but music is of course our main focus. We will however have a funfair, bouncy castles, inflatable assault courses and the like to keep all ages entertained.

How do I pay on the festival site?

All bars are cashless and payment will be made by contactless card through a secured 5g WiFi network. Other food and craft vendors may offer cash or card payment options.

Do we need to pay for bar cups as per other festivals?

The Bars will be charging £1.50 per festival cup on your first purchase. You must keep these cups with you at all times to avoid further charges. You can swap them at the bars if you need to. These will remain your property after the event of a momento of your time at appfest. As a gesture of goodwill there will be a special promotion on future tickets where you will get the value of your festival cup off future ticket pricing therefore for loyal festival goers the festival cup will be paid back to you.

If we have not managed to answer your question please do get in touch with us at [email protected]