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Food Festival

Ciccio Kitchen

Ciccio Kitchen is a first time at App-Fest.

Francesco's passion for food started at a young age and led him to establish Ciccio’s Kitchen in 2017.


Originally from Italy, Francesco has many years of experience working in the restaurant and hotel industry.


He passionately sources locally produced, quality ingredients and creates creatively presented delicious food.

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Crab Shack

The first time at APP-FEST but one to sample and enjoy especially their speciality Soft Shell Crab in a Burger.


Fabulous fresh produce from the sea, featuring classic dishes, Fish N' Chips, Scampi N' Chips and much more! 

Epicurean Street Eats

We use locally sourced produce wherever possible. Our bread is from award winning baker Peter Cooks Bread, we also use award winning sauces from Tubby Toms and Sauce Shop. All our rapeseed oil is harvested less than 3 miles away in Pinvin by WOO oil.  It is then cold pressed and this is what we use in all our fryers.


Our high quality meats are sourced from the neighbouring county of Gloucestershire. A lot of our meats are brought in on the bone and prepped on site, from dry aged steaks to fresh English shoulders of succulent lamb and everything in between. Falling back on our butchery heritage (it’s what we do) curing our own meat is also a big part of our weekly routine. We buy whole belies of pork to de-rind, bone out and cure ourselves using some special ingredients to make it our own. As well as bacon, we also cure our own pastrami  (salt beef) which is really becoming popular in the UK.

Katsu noodle.jpg

Katsu Noodles

Katsu Noodles a Festival Favourite and back again to offer a fabulous selection of their Traditional Asian Inspired Noodles

La Lola Churros

La Lola Churros is back for the second year and as owner Dan says "makes the best churros ever"


Smother those delicious hot savoury sweet churros in a selection of rich velvety sauces. Simply Delicious!

La Lola Churros1.jpg
La Lola Churros 2.jpg
Lauren Faye Coffee1.jpg
Lauren Faye Coffee2.jpg

Lauren Faye Coffee

Lauren Faye Coffee has become a feature at APPFEST and is part of the family.

A fabulously converted horsebox gives a lovely country image that blends well within the countryside setting. Professional family baristas delivers coffee oozing with taste and quality. Whether its a Creamy rich coffee or a fully loaded hot chocolate or an Iced Tea you will be left wanting more Fabulous Coffees and Hot Chocolates. 


Welcome Marcus, Poppy & team back to APP-FEST. Not just the most fabulous of people but their food is just out of this world.

They are a firm festival favourite, regularly receiving glowing praise from the Appfest community.

Their food features some amazing variety of slow cooked BBQ delicious dishes guaranteeing you will be back for more!



Can’t beat a fabulous wood fired pizza at a festival. Traditionally made in a converted horsebox not just offering fabulous fresh pizza but in style too. Look out for these at the event as the quality and flavour are amazing

Soul Fries

Our aim is to take loaded fries and your taste buds to the next level. Using locally sourced potatoes, we fresh cut and double fry them to ensure a fluffy inside with a crunchy outside.


We then load the fries with delicious toppings. This is where the magic happens! Using fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients, produce and meats we aim to create toppings that make your taste buds come alive and keep you coming back for more!

Soul fries.jpg
Soul fries Cheese+Pull.jpeg
Soul fries 3+in+a+row.jpeg
icew cream van.jpg

Sudge Shines

Returning for another year our friend Sudge looks after the ice creams, slushies and milkshakes not just for the young ones but all the family.


Quality produce is where Sudge shines and his charismatic personality makes the visit memorable.

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